Behind the scenes, Renaissance Dance Theatre are doing things slightly differently...

Like all companies, the studio is where everything happens, from workshopping new material to finalising choreography. However RDT has a second studio, one of a different nature though dedicated to the first. As of 2017 we launched Renaissance Wolf Studio (RWS), the cinematic arm of the company. 

Utilising the power of the Unreal Engine, we're bringing realtime graphics to the world of dance storytelling. By recording our choreography in a green screen cyclorama studio, we're able to transport our dancers into new worlds, bringing our audiences along with us. Take a look below to see a glimpse of our first destination...





The above video is a short series of clips showcasing some rehearsal footage for our upcoming production, Aberthol. 

You can follow the progress of our debut piece here.




Thanks to recent strides in real-time graphics, RDT has begun to explore the possibilities of merging CGI with dance-storytelling.


The following images are screen captures taken from Unreal Engine 4. They represent a preview into the mythical world of Aberthol 

Special thanks to Quixel Megascans and BiteTheBytes' World Creator 2 for their assistance in this endeavour.