This is the outreach arm of Renaissance Dance Theatre. 'Amicus' is the latin word for 'friend' and, in our view, this encapsulates the spirit of our attitudes towards Dance as a whole. 

We are of the mindset that Dance is for everyone, regardless of the individual's status, and in all the forms that that manifests itself. We all have bodies, we all move through the world in one way or another, so why can't we all be free to enjoy this fundamental aspect of life, as the Art form that it is.

In essence, RDT Amicus is our way of realising this philosophy, by giving people, both young and old, the chance to embody these principles and ideals. 

Currently the company holds workshops in schools and vocational Dance colleges, however will be looking to broaden its horizons in the future. If you would like to get in contact with us regarding a potential booking, please enquire by email at the following address: